Non Perturbative Color Forces in QCD

Dates: March 26-28, 2012

Location: Walk Auditorium, Ritter Hall, Temple University,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19122, USA

Synopsis: The workshop is aimed at initiating an important but missing avenue of research of the current QCD physics program at the 12 GeV upgrade of Jefferson Lab. Among other goals the workshop  provides an impetus for a scientific endeavor that uniquely matches the high luminosity of Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade and  directly impacts our understanding of the non-perturbative aspect of the color force in QCD. Measurement of the J/Psi production cross section at threshold on a nucleon and it’s propagation and binding in nuclei offers one path to unravel the gluonic structure of nucleon and nuclei. The complementarity between the different Halls at Jefferson Lab provides for a unique opportunity to have a comprehensive research program on this subject. Post-docs and students should benefit from participating in a physics program at its birth and should have the opportunity to carry it forward.

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