SANE MySQL Database

I have written a lot of database code for the Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment. The MySQL tables are described in the table below.

The following are interesting statistics about the data on disk:

  • 2956 raw coin CODA files
  • 3.6015 TB of coin CODA files
  • 1.2183 GB is the average coin CODA file
  • Surprisingly the checksum is correct only %92.31 of the time! (only 68 files used in calculation)
Table NameDescriptionParent Data SourceBuild Script
files_coin_raw_mssEach entry represents a coin coda file on /mss/hallc/sane08/raw/. The file properties are extracted from a large text file created by doing jls /mss/hallc/sane08/raw/*coin*
files_coin_raw_quarksSame table structure as files_coin_raw_mss. Fills in all data about coin coda files on quarks.
target_This is the main target polarization database.Produced by James Maxwell. Obtained from offline analysis of NMR signals calibrated to TE signal.build_target
target_insertsThis is the list of target inserts, their details and total charge.SANE WIKIINCOMPLETE
target_material_runlistThis contains a list target material used for a given set of runs SANE WIKIbuild_target_material_runlist
runs_on_diskUses "all_runs" database created by Hoyoung(?) which is supposed to be the list of good runs. all_runs table, list of files on diskbuild_runs_on_disk
runs_analysisThe info for the analysis flow. There are lots of flags and iterators for analysis use as well as typical run info.INCOMPLETEINCOMPLETE
sane08_raw_mssAll coda runs taken during the experiment. list of all files from /mss/hallc/sane08/raw/build_sane08_raw_mss
sane08_raw_quarksSame table structure and number of entries as sane08_raw_mss except the flag is_on_quarks and disk_on_Quarks are set appropriately list of all files in /mnt/sane_disk*/data/raw build_sane08_raw_quarks
BETAG4_runsRun info for simulation, BETAG4 Simulated run info appended every time BETA is executed.
exp_configurationA run number documentation of changes in settings. (e.g. beam, thresholds,positions, target field, etc...)INCOMPLETEINCOMPLETE
detector_parametersDetector parameters (e.g. sizes, positions, dimensions, MC mother volume positions) INCOMPLETEINCOMPLETE
analysis_parametersAnalysis parameters (e.g. clustering sizes, tdc cuts, thresholds). INCOMPLETEINCOMPLETE

To Do:

  • Go back through logbook and make sure no big changes are missing in the databases
  • Fill detector parameters database.
  • Use the detector parameters throughout BETAG4 geometry definitions
  • Fill experimental configuration database

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